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BarrelBlok - The Easiest, Safest Way to Train!

BarrelBlok Dry Fire Training Safe Dry Fire Training Tool

Safe dry-fire is the very best thing you can do to improve your accuracy. There is nothing new in this statement. The old pistoleros all knew this and shared it with those they trained. Some insisted that hours of dry fire take place prior to any range time with live ammo.

Dry fire is advocated by instructors today and usually begins with a statement something like, "Make sure there is no live ammunition in the room where you're dry-firng your pistol." That's good advice.

You should always check and double check to make sure any gun is unloaded before dry-fire. Now there is a way to assure yourself and others around you that your gun is unloaded and safe, BarrelBlok.

I've been using this product for the past several weeks in several guns, 9mms and .380s. It's very simple to install and remove and it works. I'm evaluating a new 9mm and when I could not get to my range the first few days, I did a lot of dry-fire evaluation of the trigger. I felt everything become "slicker" as I performed scores of dry-fires.

I also noticed that my trigger pull became smoother with each session. I could really concentrate on grip, sight picture and trigger pull. Even for an old dog like me  who's shot most of my lifetime and is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, the increased emphasis on dry-fire paid great dividends.

I never had to explain to Doris that the gun was unloaded and safe, she could see as well as I could that it was.

The BarrelBlok is a great tool and paired with the MagBlok can be used for safe real life practice.

I highly recommend it.

After you read the information below, I recommend that you visit

Check out their products and very informative videos. I suspect that you'll find something to make you a better shooter. I know I did.


"BarrelBlok was born out of the necessity to turn any firearm into a safe training platform. While BarrelBlok is a simple tool, it is packed with great features that make it the ultimate dry-fire training aid!

Gain peace of mind! With BarrelBlok properly inserted into your handgun, you and those around you can clearly see that your handgun is safe for training."

"The right tool for the right handgun! BarrelBlok is caliber-specific to make sure your handgun is incapable of chambering a round when inserted."

" Each BarrelBlok with one (1) BarrelBlok, three (3) MagBlok magazine inserts and an instruction booklet. Your firearm does NOT have to be disassembled to use BarrelBlok. Simply insert BarrelBlok to train, and remove it to return your handgun to its ready state. BarrelBlok is SAFE, REALISTIC, TRAINING!"

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