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Beartooth Products 2.0

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Has it been a while since you’ve seen an old friend? That’s really how I felt recently when I took a look at a couple of Beartooth products.


Many of you are familiar with the Beartooth Comb Raising Kit. It’s been around for several years and has provided a great solution for many to raise their eye to the level of their scope. The padding also really helps with recoil to the cheek area and has made many guns much more pleasant to shoot.


The folks at Beartooth are however seemingly never content with the performance or appearance of their products and now have introduced the Beartooth Comb Raising Kit 2.0 and the Beartooth Recoil Pad Kit 2.0.


“New and improved” are sometimes used pretty loosely and so I decided to see just what had been done to these two familiar products to improve them.


One glance at the Comb Raising Kit will tell you a lot about what’s been done but they probably say it best.


Elevate your game, elevate your comb. Simply put, Beartooth’s Comb Raising Kit 2.0 is the easiest and most effective way to build up height on your gunstock. If your shotgun shooting accuracy suffers due to improper gun fit or you need help getting up to the cross-hairs on your rifle’s high powered scope, you have found the solution. Building upon the success of our first generation the newly updated 2.0 version features an opening for built-in swivel stud access, improved construction, and trim around all raw edges for excellent style. The CRK includes a heavy-duty neoprene sleeve and (5) various sized hi-density foam inserts. Use just one, or a combination of cheek pad sizes to alleviate any ill-fitting situation. Achieve increases as little as 1/8” or up to 1.5”+. Vastly superior to other canvas cheek risers – no straps or Velcro. The Comb Raising Kit 2.0 offers the shooter the best in comfort and fit – try one out today.”


In case you missed it, the 2.0 has a “built-in swivel access, improved construction and trim around all raw edges.” These are fairly subtle changes but frankly very important from a user’s point of view. Since I have a stud on most of my shotguns to attach a sling, I really welcomed that addition. The trim also prevents fraying and really adds to the appearance of the sleeve.


COMB RAISING KIT 2.0 - No Loops Model in Realtree MAX-5®



The other “new and improved” product from Beartooth is the the Recoil Pad Kit 2.0.

"Beartooth’s Recoil Pad Kit 2.0 is by far the best way to eliminate hard-hitting recoil and properly fit your gun. The stretchy slip-on neoprene sleeve fits nearly all gunstock sizes and works excellent with both shotguns and rifles. Simply insert foam into sleeve and pull on – no more gunsmithing. Rubber backing keeps the hi-density inserts in place – which are constructed of closed cell foam, known for its exceptional high energy absorption properties. The various insert sizes can be used interchangeably to precisely achieve your desired cushioning level. Offers a superior fit and feel versus rubber slip-ons. Also great for gun fit, easily adjust length-of-pull. Another key feature in the improved 2.0 version is the angled opening, which allows for convenient swivel stud access. By reducing recoil, Beartooth’s RPK can assist in eliminating shoulder fatigue while improving your shooting accuracy. Shot after shot, the Recoil Pad Kit gets it done."

RECOIL PAD KIT 2.0 in Realtree Xtra

Both of these kit are available in a variety of colors and camo patterns. I've used them for years and recommended them to my readers. They work and they represent a real value for the dollars spent.

To learn more about Beartooth products, please visit

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