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Birchwood Casey Perma Color Case Coloring Kit

Birchwood Casey Perma Color Case Coloring Kit CASE HARDENING Product Tests REFINISHING METAL

I have always loved the  appearance of case hardened metal, especially on guns. I knew I liked it but didn't really give much thought to how it was created. Recently, I received a Press Release about a new product from Birchwood Casey. It's called "Birchwood Casey Perma Color Case Coloring Kit" and I just had to have it.

I've used Birchwood Casey's products for years and was really excited to give this one a try. Everything that is needed is in the kit, with the exception of some tap water.

The Kit includes:

3 - 1 fl.oz. bottles.

One bottle of Multi-Color Iridescent,

One bottle of Indigo Iridescent,

One bottle of Dark Iridescent,

and 9 Birchwood Casey Swauber Applicators

Instructions are on the package.

"Replicates case coloring finish without risk or expensive traditional case color hardening. Easy to apply on steel. Great for receivers, small parts and barrels. Kit includes 9 Birchwood Casey Swauber Applicators."



The directions are clear and concise and their counsel that, "If you make a mistake or do not like your results, you can remove and rust remover" made me feel at ease.

I have a number of choke tubes that have never been blued and they seemed like good subjects for my trial runs.

I learned from the first one, that too much of even a good thing can produce a result that's not what you'd want. Okay, the first one was just a glob of blue.

Tube #2 was much better but needed a few more dark areas to create the contrast I wanted. (I was overly cautious after the first one.)

You guessed it, tube #3 was just right. Remember, choke tubes are really pretty small, so my work area did not allow much real space. The 3rd tube has all the look of case-hardened steel and I'm pretty proud of it.

Now, I'm looking for other projects where case coloring would really set them off.

If that sounds like something that would interest you, I'd recommend that you check with your local gun shop or visit to find out more about this and other products they offer.

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