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BLADE HQ Knives outdoor tools

BLADE HQ has an almost unbelievable selection of knives and tools in all price ranges and customer service that is nothing less than fantastic.

I "discovered" this company a few months ago. I spent some time watching their videos highlighting different knives. I found them to be informative as well as entertaining.



Eventually I ordered a Boker pocket knife from them. It was priced right, at a substantial discount from retail, and shipping was very reasonable at $2.99 for USPS First Class mail. I received it in just a few days and was very pleased with the quality. I did want to reverse the pocket clip but did not have proper size wrench. I sent an email to CS to ask the size and was promptly told not only the size but also the source of several sites that could meet my need if necessary.


BLADE HQ is on my list of sites that I visit regularly now, not only to see what's new but also to learn more about knives.

Recently I had what turned out to be a complicated situation, after a knife order. I won't bore you with the details but I will tell you that Dan C and Chris H at BLADE HQ jumped in with service that was way beyond the call, to resolve my problem on the spot. I can also tell you that the problem was not theirs nor that of anyone at the company. They just wanted help and they did exactly that!

If you or anyone you know are looking for a knife of any kind, an outdoor tool or just want to learn more about knives, I'd recommend that you visit BLADE HQ.

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