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Browning "Speed Load" Folding Knife

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The replaceable blade knife done right. The Browning Speed Load took the concept of the replaceable blade knife, one of the most versatile knife designs in existence, and refined it to perfection. The Speed Load features a design that will not only make it easier to swap out blades, but it will positively retain the cutting blade in place during use without you having to worry about unintentionally releasing the blade during a cut. This knife also has a high quality G-10 textured handle, just like you would find on other Browning folding knives. 

  • G-10 Black Textured Handle
  • Replaceable Blades including drop point, box cutter, guthook, and caper point
  • Will fit standard utility blades
  • Includes nylon sheath with pockets for extra blades
  • Russ Kommer Design
  • Interchangeable blade folding knife with four different blade types - G10 handle.

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    I suspect that many of us have one or more "knives" with replaceable blades. They are handy because when you dull a blade, you can just throw it away and put in a new one. That feature has really caught on with lots of folks.

    Really the only complaint that I've had with these knives is that most don't feel like a real knife in my hand. Some are poorly made and others just become uncomfortable if you have to use them for any period of time.

    Browning has done it right. When you pick up the "Speed Load" folding knife, it feels like a high quality folder...because it really is. It has G-10 scales, a hand filling profile and a thumb stud for easy one-hand opening. The only difference between it and other knives is that you can choose from 4 different blade styles to meet your needs.

    No tools are needed to change the blades, just push in on the stud and down on the retaining latch and remove the blade, then insert the new one and you're ready to go. The whole process takes only seconds.

    I've been carrying and using the Speed Load for some time now and it has replaced my normal everyday carry knife. The blades are very sharp but I know that whenever one does becomes dull through use, I can replace it and get back to my work.

    The Speed Load includes a handy pouch with spare blades and it also has a very nice pocket clip with the Browning logo.

    This is one knife I'm proud to carry and I know you will be too. It is a Browning after all.

    To learn more about the Browning Speed Load and other Browning knives, please visit

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