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Chiappa Nebula 6″ Rhino Revolver in PVD Finish

CHIAPPA Chiappa Nebula 6″ Rhino Revolver RHINO

Chiappa Firearms released today photo of the new Nebula 6″ Rhino Revolver that will be available in 2019 in a rather unique PVD finish.

  • chiappafirearms Nebula 6" Rhino | New for 2019, with a PVD finish for an out of this world look. #chiapparhino #revolver #2a #wheelgun #pewpew #357magnum
  • The Rhino, to those who are not aware, have the barrel aligned with the bottom of the cylinder. The reason for this is for reduced recoil due to the barrel more inline with the center of your hand.

    It was originally conceived as a CCW pistol with a 2″ snub nose barrel, resembling a rhino. The design have evolved over the years and now they offer 6″ barrel “Charging Rhino” model that are designed for high speed competition.

    Pricing of the new Nebula 6″ Rhino should be in line with Rhino in PVD gold finish at MSRP $1,479.00.


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