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CROSSBREED SnapSlide OWB Holster

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"The SnapSlide is an outside of the waistband holster designed to keep your firearm close to your body. This belt slide-style holster has belt slots that measure 1.75 inches; this works best with a 1.5 or 1.25 inch belt. The design is to have your firearm high and tight, just behind the hip on your strong side, and lay flat for concealment under a loose shirt. Available in our Black Cowhide, Tan Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide and our Natural Tan Horsehide when available. Other options include a Sweat Guard or Sweat Guard with Combat Cut. **Holsters made for handguns equipped with RMR will come in the straight drop orientation (No Cant)** As with all of our hybrid holsters, the SnapSlide comes with a two week try it free guaranty and a lifetime warranty".

For whatever reason, I had not carried my S&W 342PD revolver in quite some time. It's an old friend that stayed on my person or very near me for at least 7 years. I spent enough range time with it to become accustomed to a variety of +P loads. When the Inceptor shells with light bullets and fast muzzle speeds came around, that gun became even more effective and actually pleasant to shoot.

The 342PD was a "hide-out gun" and spent a lot of time in a very good ankle holster. This time however, I wanted an outside the waistband holster that would stay up close and tight to my body. I own several Crossbreed holsters and have been happy with them,  so I went on line to see what they offered for the little S&W wheel gun.

Their site is easy to navigate and I soon was reviewing options available with the SnapSlide line of holsters.The description seemed to offer all the features I needed, so, I picked the basic holster and placed my order.

When the SnapSlide holster arrived I found it to be exactly as advertised. My 342PD easily slipped into the Kydex and when the holster was on my belt and in position, it was gripped perfectly. Break-in time was very short and soon my old friend in its new holster fit me perfectly. It disappeared under any un-tucked shirt or large tee shirt which can be daily wear this time of year.

I've been wearing the SnapSlide and the 342PD daily for the last few weeks and it's a real joy. It fits perfectly and keeps the gun high and tight to my body. The 342 is so light and the SnapSlide fits so well that it's a real joy to wear.

I have several excellent pistols in .380, 9mm and .45 ACP that I've worn regularly. My first carry guns were all revolvers, a full-sized duty gun and a smaller back-up or hide-out gun. The smaller gun also served as my off duty gun to allow me to be "suitably armed". I've always had an appreciation for well made revolvers and it feels good to have this old friend with me again.

If you are looking for an OWB holster that works as advertised, I'd recommend that you take a look at the SnapSlide or one of their other fine products from Crossbreed at


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