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CrossBreed MaxSlide Holsters

CrossBreed MaxSlide Holsters CrossBreed & Taurus Product Test Taurus Public Defender Holster

CrossBreed Holsters new MaxSlide holster will allow you to carry your Taurus Judge (5 shot with 2.5″ chamber) or S&W Governor in comfort and style. Staying in tradition with their handcrafting process, the OWB MaxSlide has all the clean, comfortable, and professional appearance as the SuperSlide. Its heavy construction and craftsmanship provides excellent weight distribution, ensuring stability and comfort while carrying."
I really love my Taurus Public Defender Ultra-Lite. If you're not familiar with that particular model, here's what Taurus has to say about it:
"We took the lightest version of the Public Defender and made it even lighter with our incredible Ultra-Lite® aluminum frame. This new Public Defender weighs a mere 20.7 ounces, yet still delivers the devastating firepower that makes its brothers so famous. It’s a remarkable combo gun in the body of a small frame revolver. Nothing could be better for a nightstand gun or as a lightweight pack gun on trips through the backcountry."
It's a great gun but finding a holster that would allow me to carry it concealed under a shirt had been a real challenge until  I found the CrossBreed MaxSlide. Like all CrossBreed holsters I've seen, material and workmanship are first class. The design of the MaxSlide allows me to pull the holster and revolver up and close to my body, causing it to blend in nicely under any shirt worn outside my pants and it stays where it's put.
My son and I regularly take a "work day" at property a county away. That most often includes a stop for drinks at a very busy gas & convenience store. I feel very comfortable out in that busy place with the Public Defender in its MaxSlide holster stable, concealed under an untucked shirt, and resting right where I put it. When we get to the property, it stays with me all day, with a few snake loads in the chambers, and is right where I put it and ready for any contingency throughout the day.
If you have a powerful revolver that needs a sturdy holster that keeps your gun where you put it, I'd recommend that you check out the MaxSlide by CrossBreed. You can see it and other products at

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