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ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. Introduces HEVI-Bismuth


HEVI-Shot® is retiring its venerable Classic Doubles line of soft tungsten shotshells, and replacing the line with HEVI-Bismuth™, a product new for 2019 that remains safe for classic shotguns but is also a powerful hunting load for use in any shotgun.

HEVI-Bismuth™ comes in waterfowl and upland game shotshells, and offers these features and benefits:

·100% nontoxic bismuth pellets at 9.6 g/cc density (22% denser than steel)

·With a Vickers hardness of 7, bismuth shot is as safe for all shotgun barrels as lead

·With high charge weights and robust velocities, these are terrific hunting shotshells with substantial downrange lethality. Shoot one size larger than lead and re-live the lead days!

·HEVI-Bismuth™ comes in every gauge from 10-ga to .410-ga

·Additional features:

o A thicker base wad, which surprisingly enough, turns out to be a key factor in reliable functioning of semi-automatic shotguns. HEVI-Shot® discovered this relationship by analyzing customer data for tens of millions of shotshells.

o Custom, clean-burning propellants

o A new, higher brisance primer that improves cold weather performance by boosting the ignition force so that the propellant reaches pressure more reliably.

o Bismuth pellets cast in our own foundry alongside our tungsten alloys.

To summarize, when you chamber a new HEVI-Bismuth™ shotshell, you will experience:

·More lethality at longer range than you can get with steel alone, or any HEVI-Shot® products except HEVI-X® and HEVI-Shot®

·A gauge and charge weight for every wing shooter, from 410-gauge to 10-gauge

·Fewer wounded birds

·More reliable gun function in semi-automatic shotguns

·Improved cold weather performance

·Nontoxic shotshells safe for use in any shotgun

Established in 2000, Environ-Metal, Inc.®, based out of Sweet Home, OR, are the makers of HEVI-Shot®, HEVI-Metal®, HEVI-X®, HEVI-Steel®, HEVI-Snow™, and HEVI-Duty® buck shot, HEVI-Duty® centerfire ammunition and bullets.

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