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ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. To Ship New Bullet and Cartridge Products

9mm Ammo Hevi-Shot New & Unique Products

ENVIRON-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot® (Sweet Home, Oregon) will begin shipping new HEVI-Duty® frangible, nontoxic bullets and cartridges during August. The patent pending material system and process produces bullets that are:

• More Accurate than Lead in 3rd party OEM Testing
• Nontoxic.
• Frangible.
• Non-corroding.
• Non-fouling.
• Non-sparking on steel targets.
• Problem-free in automated loading equipment.
• Lowest possible cost FLETC bullet (for OEMs).

These bullets allow ENVIRON-Metal to offer versatile cartridges that are:

• Suited for all shooting venues: indoor and outdoor ranges, quarries, public land.Non-sparking at impact and safe to use on any steel targets or rocks
• Deeply penetrating on soft targets, for home defense
• Substantially more accurate than lead for competition shooting
• Inexpensively priced to compete with lead
• Made in Sweet Home, Oregon.

Ralph Nauman, President of ENVIRON-Metal, explained the driving forces in the market this way: "Many shooters are growing concerned about lead exposure in shooting ranges. Our bullets are nontoxic and break up on steel targets. Our cartridges use nontoxic primers. There are other products on the market that do this already, but those products are expensive. Their high cost has slowed their acceptance across shooting markets outside of law enforcement."

"HEVI-Shot's breakthrough is using material science to drive down the cost of frangible, nontoxic bullets," Nauman added. "At the lower prices we make possible, recreational shooters will be able to shoot these environmentally friendly cartridges, and those shooters will drive the market during the coming years. It isn't hard to imagine consumers opting for nontoxic ammunition if it is priced competitively with lead."

Nauman noted, "Rail gun tests produced 10-round groups in the 0.4-0.6-inch range at 25 yards, about half the group size of traditional lead bullets, so the bullets can serve the market for competitive shooters as well as recreational shooters."

Michael Narus, HEVI-Shot's VP of Sales and Marketing, said, "We will start delivery of our 9mm in August of this year. The 9mm will come in a 50ct box and carry a suggested retail price of $14.99. We have added tooling and equipment to broaden the line to other calibers. Our .45 will be available by year-end and .223 will follow."

ENVIRON-Metal is working with The Hunting Shack, Stevensville, Montana, and HMT, Lewiston, Idaho for HEVI-Duty® loaded cartridges.

"We will welcome OEM sales, to get this innovation into the hands of shooters as quickly as possible," said Nauman.

HEVI-Duty is a registered trademark of Environ-Metal, Inc.

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