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EyePal Peep Sighting System

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My vision certainly has not improved over the years and lately I have been shooting a lot of different handguns, most of which have open sights. I've been using the EyePal and have found it to be exceptionally helpful.

This is one of those very simple, straightforward products that just work. If like me your vision is just a bit fuzzy with open sights,  I'd recommend that you give the EyePal a try and see if it works for you as well  as it has for me. It's made shooting a pleasure again!

"The EyePal is a modern adaptation of the century-old peep sight, which most people relate to as a pin hole sight (remember those pin hole camera experiments back in school?). The EyePal enables you to simultaneously see the target, your front and rear sights — all in focus. And since its made out of a static cling material, it can be easily placed on and off of reading, prescription and safety glasses — without marring the surface or leaving any residue. Compact, lightweight and virtually indestructable, the EyePal is the ultimate addition to any shooters kit.

Typically, the eye “sees” a huge amount of visual information, information that includes, say, a target. The target shooter is only interested in the target — the rest of the peripheral visual information is not useful and not needed. However, as shown in the far right image below, the peripheral vision is there and useful for added situational awareness.

Using the EyePal provides the target shooter with three advantages:

-The EyePal aperture is small and provides maximum depth of field

-The resulting EyePal image is a sight picture with sights and target at any distance in sharp focus.

-The peripheral vision is obscured by the large black area of the EyePal, creating extra contrast for good sight and target acquisition"

I don't really remember exactly how many years ago was that I first met Charlie Summers. At that time he was still a professor at MIT. I know we spoke at length about his EyePal invention and how it had allowed him to go back to the range and shoot after his vision had become a bit fuzzy. I could certainly identify with that because I had made a good many trips around the sun myself.

Charlie was kind enough to send me his first iteration of the EyePal and I found it absolutely fascinating. Over the years we've kept in touch on an irregular basis but recent conversation, he sent me the latest versions of his EyePal products.

"Charlie Summers retired from MIT where he worked as an optical specialist. He has used his engineering knowledge to design, manufacture, sell, and obtain two US patents for the EyePal. Charlie is a veteran, having served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War era. Charlie’s interest was sparked by an antique rifle that was given to him by his father. When Charlie went to the range to use the firearm, he was told he needed to be sight qualified in order to use the range. He went home and started to work on a solution based on pinhole camera theory to create a device for better vision. The device has been well received by thousands of customers who wanted to improve their vision."
You can see all of the EyePal products at or you can give Charlie a call at 978-635-9162. I know you'd enjoy the conversation.

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