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Fall Turkey Hunts

Fall Turkey Hunting Federal .410 TSS

Can anything be better than the woods in the fall? A slight chill in the air, the smell of damp leaves, fall colored camo and my back against a tree, breathing the clean, rich air. I feel more alive than I have in months.

This fall I'll have a .410 single shot stoked with 13/16 oz of #9 Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS shot. The shotgun is light and quick and the shells will put any turkey down for the count at up to 40 yards, if necessary. I know because I've put in my time at the range with that combination.


The best word to describe a #9 TSS pattern is "smothering". There is just nowhere to escape a properly placed shot. There are about 295 pellets in that load and they cover a 10" circle at 40 yards! Aim at the center of a turkey's neck and he is smothered with shot!

My style of fall turkey hunting is probably old fashioned but it sure works. I may cover a lot of ground looking for a flock of turkeys. When I locate one, I will charge it, howling, barking and yelling, anything to make as much noise as possible, to break them up, causing them to fly or run in different directions.

Once I have that good break, I find a comfortable place to sit where I can see the area clearly. I don't wait very long before I start calling, usually a kee-kee or kee-kee run. I imagine myself as one of those turkeys desperate to get back together with the flock. It works and sometimes very quickly, so it pays to be ready.

This method is effective at any time of the day and having a light gun can really pay off when covering a lot of ground.

If you have not tried it, I'd really recommend fall turkey hunting and while you're at it take a look at a .410 and Federal's Heavyweight TSS #9 shot loads. You'll smother that turkey!

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