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Federal Shorty Shotshells


 Short 12-gauge loads are a thing now that people have learned how many mini shells they can stuff into the magazine of a Kel-Tec or a Mossberg pump with an OPSol miniclip on board. So, Federal has introduced the Shorty–a 1¾-inch shell that remarkably offers almost the same ballistics of a 2¾-inch shell. Shorties hold nearly an ounce of shot (15/16 ounces) and boast a velocity of 1,145 fps. They come in No. 8 shot, 4 buck, and slug loads. Besides their obvious fun potential, the birdshot loads will be great low-recoil trainers and a blessing for those who own older shotguns with short chambers. Although they will not function in semiautos nor some pumps, they’ll be delight in break-action guns, and manufacturers are already working on shotguns made specifically to shoot them. $5.95 for a 10-pack of 8s; $11.95 for slugs and buck; 

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