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In either mid to late 2000 or very early 2001. I purchased the AG158 to carry my S&W 342PD revolver. The owner of "The Cop Shop" recommended it very highly and showed me a box of other brands that users had discarded in favor of the AG. It was the preferred holster for a backup gun like mine.
I strapped the AG on and literally wore it every day, letting it breathe at night, for years. It carried my 342 as both a backup and primary weapon. It was never discovered by anyone and I never let anyone know it was there. I practiced my draw in many different positions and felt very confident that I'd be able to get to my 342 if needed.
The picture was taken today, about 20 years later. You can certainly see wear on the exterior.  The leather is also a bit soft and the volume of sheepskin has been reduced a good bit but it still works very well with that same revolver or with a Model 60 that I also own.
I remember thinking 20 years ago that I was paying a lot of money for the AG but it turned out to be a great investment in every sense of the word. You just can't beat quality.

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