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Guntec USA Limited-Edition TRUMP MAGA Handguard


Scottsdale, AZ Guntec USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative tactical weapon accessories and widely known for their quality handguards continues to increase their selection by offering the all-new “Trump MAGA” Series of M-Lok Handguards for a limited time only. Designed and developed in-house, the “Trump MAGA” Handguards were brought to market because of the overwhelming demand of consumers.

Made entirely in the United States in Scottsdale, AZ, the “Trump MAGA” handguards are built with a proprietary aluminum composition that reduces heat, considered to be some of the most lightweight handguards on the market, ergonomically designed with the shooter in mind, with “Trump” and “Maga” carefully engraved and at a price that is not only competitive, but lower than most other manufacturers.

“A significant amount of our customers are huge Trump fans,” said Philippe Kent, Vice President of Guntec USA. “After receiving several photos and seeing “Trump” decals on our parts and on AR’s, we decided to take it a step further and develop a handguard specifically for the President’s fans. Although it’s a short-run, limited time product, we’re already on our second run, its quickly becoming one of our best-selling handguards.”

The Guntec “Trump/MAGA” Handguard Complete Furniture Set Handguard:

·Made Exclusively in Scottsdale, AZ

·T6 Aluminum Body

·Limited Edition “Trump MAGA” Series Handguard

·Anodized Black Finish

·Proprietary Barrel Nut Included

·GEN 2 M-Lok Design

·Rail System Slide Over Barrel Nut, and is locked up against receiver w/ 6 screws

·Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Allows for a Monolithic Top Rail

·15” Length

·Heavy Duty

·Internal Diameter: 1.34”

For more information or inquiries please contact Vice President/Director of Sales, Philippe Kent at or call 480-478-4517.

For Sales Inquires:

Southeast: Outdoor Marketing Group: 336.859.2297

Midwest: Proactive Sales: 573.808.1690

Western: Jim Ferry & Associates: 714.992.2582

About Guntec USA:

Guntec USA is a leader in tactical firearms and firearm accessories. Established in 1989 in Scottsdale, AZ, Guntec has been a pioneer in the innovation of quality, precision and affordable tactical accessories. All of Guntec’s products are manufactured in the USA and held to the highest quality standards in the Industry and backed by an iron-clad warranty.

Guntec’s mission is to supply customers with superior quality items, along with exceptional customer service. Maintaining a relationship with their clients is essential, along with keeping extensive inventory of over 600 different products. They are devoted to supplying the professional and novice shooter alike.

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