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HEVI-Shot's Wounded Warrior Outreach

Mack's Prairie Wings (Stuttgart, Arkansas) and HEVI-Shot (Sweet Home, Oregon) have teamed up for a unique program to help fund HEVI-Shot's Wounded Warrior outreach for the next few years.

HEVI-Shot is discontinuing Hog Wild as a nontoxic shotgun product, and Mack's bought all of HEVI-Shot's Hog Wild inventory. HEVI-Shot will use 100% of the proceeds of that sale as the payments come in to help fund Wounded Warrior hunt donations during the next few years.

"HEVI-Shot's ammunition donations run about $700 per employee annually to support small, regional veteran hunts all across the U.S. each year, funds that our employees willingly forgo in appreciation for the freedoms our warriors provide for us. This exclusive arrangement with Mack's will help us fund this program for the next few years, and keep it on a solid financial footing," said Ralph Nauman, CEO of HEVI-Shot. "Mack's believes our veterans deserve all the support we can manage, and we are happy to partner with HEVI-Shot to help in this way," said Chuck Lock, President of Mack's.

Hog Wild® shotshells accurately fire giant (0.625" dia.) nontoxic balls in a 6" pattern at 50 yards. The shells come in 2-ball (12-ga. 3") and 3-ball (12-ga. 3-1/2") versions. They are devastating on hogs, and particularly fun to shoot from helicopters. They are nontoxic, inexpensive, don't ricochet, and are seriously lethal. They are especially useful for farmers and ranchers trying to control the wild hog populations across the southern U.S.

If you want an effective hog control shotshell and you want to help support our Wounded Warriors at the same time, stop in at Mack's or log onto their website and buy a few boxes of Hog Wild.

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