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In Case You're Wondering


In case you're wondering why hunting, fishing and recreational shooting is so important. Here's just a taste:

•More than 53 million Americans consider themselves sportsmen and women, spending over $93.5 billion in 2016 on gear, licenses, travel, clothing, gas and more.
• Each year, 35.8 million people 16 years and older take to America’s waters to fish.
• More than 28 million people over 16 years old took to our nation’s forests and gun ranges to hunt and target shoot in 2016.
• The number of people who participate in sportfishing, hunting and target shooting represents 16.5 percent of the total U.S. population.
• When factoring in multiplier effects, spending by sportsmen created economic activity in excess of $220 billion.
• Hunting, fishing and shooting adds $119 billion of overall value to our nation’s gross domestic product and generates $17.6 billion in federal taxes and $12.2 billion in state and local taxes.

Courtesy: Southwick Associates, American Sportfishing Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

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