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L-Tech Full Stop® Personal Protection 9mm Ammunition

L-Tech Full Stop 9mm Ammo Product Tests

9mm Luger - 124 grain CuHP - Lead Free Copper Hollow Point

Velocity: 1150 fps. - Energy: 464 ft/lbs

"Recommended for defense and Law Enforcement. Copper HP ammunition features a lead free bullet. Standard SP Primer that is designed to open fully upon impact with your target (Body), dispensing all of the energy into the target.

L-Tech's Full Stop 124 grain 9mm Luger personal protection ammunition provides equivalent and often superior performance to market leaders...and it is worth noting that its performance is achieved without loading the rounds to +P pressures."

About L-Tech Enterprises, Inc:

Located in Eubank, KY, L-Tech Enterprises is a specialty ammunition manufacturer and test facility for advanced ballistic products. L-Tech manufactures ammunition for the US Military including US special forces and law enforcement. L-Tech also acts as a contract manufacturer for a variety of other ammunition brands. L-Tech manufactures a full range of ball, frangible and personal protection ammo that all features Shell Shock’s NAS3 case technology.

For more information or to order ammunition, please contact L-Tech at (606) 423-9782 or


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