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Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector Partners with Groove Life Rings


Bone Collector is proud to partner with Groove Life to create the Bone Collector special edition Groove Life silicone ring!

Constructed from medical-grade silicone, Groove Life rings offer an ideal alternative for all outdoorsmen and women who aren’t comfortable wearing their wedding bands into the field, whether it be fear of losing them, damaging them, or simply because they can be a hindrance when you’re out there getting your hands dirty.

Groove Life rings feature internal grooves that allow complete breathability and comfort all in one. The flexibility of the ring also gives wearers peace of mind. Traditional wedding bands pose risk of injury as they can easily snag or get caught on pieces of equipment causing a potentially dangerous accident.

“For all you outdoorsman and women out there, these Bone Collector x Groove Life rings are an unbelievable alternative to traditional metal wedding bands,” says Waddell. He goes on to say, “There’s always a risk, especially during the rush of a hunt, for you to quickly hop out of a stand and get snagged on that band.”

“Sound is also a big deal when you’re in the field,” says Waddell. “The smallest noise, even of that wedding band tapping on your release, your bow, your stand, anything, can spook your deer. Groove Life helps to completely eliminate that problem.”

The Bone Collector x Groove Life rings also come with a Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers the wearer should the ring ever rip, tear, stretch or shrink. Groove Life also covers against loss.

Groove Life rings are designed to stretch or tear under pressure to ensure you lose a ring, not a finger.

Shop the all-new Bone Collector x Groove Life collection at

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