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Mossy Oak Elements Terra Camo


HECS LLC, the producers of the revolutionary patented HECS StealthScreen technology is proud to announce that our extremely popular HECS full suit will now be available in the new Mossy Oak Elements Terra pattern beginning October 1, 2019.

HECS President Mike Slinkard stated “We are excited to offer our customers the latest most innovative camo pattern on the planet. The new Mossy Oak Elements Terra pattern coupled with our patented HECS Stealthscreen TM technology will be the ultimate in concealment for years to come. This new combination will not only block the electrical field animals use to tell living beings from inanimate objects but also utilize the most advanced optical concealment pattern available! The end result is closer and more relaxed encounters with wildlife, creating much better odds for success in the field.”

HECS Mossy Oak Elements Terra products are sold consumer direct at and through the HECS store on Amazon. The retail price for the full suit (includes shirt, pants and head cover) is $179.99 but if you use promo code “terra” at checkout customers will get $30 off and free shipping.  

For more information about HECS technology or to order go to or call us at 541-575-HECS (4327)


HECS LLC is based in Eastern Oregon and has 5 issued patents on their innovative technology which blocks the naturally occurring electrical fields we all produce. HECS has been supplying high tech gear to the hunting industry since 2010. HECS now has 4 subsidiarity companies that focus on specific areas of application. These include HECS Hunting LLC, HECS Wildlife LLC, HECS tactical LLC and HECS Aquatic LLC. HECS technology has been featured on Discovery Channel, History Channel, Nat Geo, Animal Planet, Pursuit Channel, Sportsman Channel and the Outdoor Channel.  

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