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Newest Version of X-Ring Takedown Rifle in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland

Mossy Oak X-Ring Rifle Newest Version of X-Ring Takedown Rifle in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Tactical Solutions X-Ring Takedown Rifle

WEST POINT, MS - Tactical Solutions introduces the new X-Ring Takedown® rifle featuring a Magpul® Backpacker stock in Mossy Oak® Bottomland®. It's everything that a takedown rifle should be; lightweight, compact, durable, accurate and threaded for the addition of a suppressor. The official unveiling will take place at the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting at Tactical Solutions' booth (#5507).
"Tactical Solutions has been waiting for years to team up with Mossy Oak," said Darin Strickler, CEO of Tactical Solutions. "Our X-Ring Takedown Rifle is the perfect product to showcase one of our premier products with the Mossy Oak brand."
The design of this new rifle is highly functional and incredibly effective. The rifle comes standard with the smooth pull of a Rugerâ BX Trigger. The Magpul Backpacker Stock has features like built-in storage for magazines, the ability to lock in place for easy storage and is extremely lightweight. The total weight of the rifle is 3.5 pounds. The integrated 15 MOA picatinny rail makes the rifle immediately compatible for any scope.
  • LENGTH - 16.5" DIAMETER - 0.920"
  • RATE of TWIST - 1:16"
  • THREADS - 1/2" x 28
  • CROWN: 11-Degree
"We're seeing an increase in original Bottomland for firearms decoration. Outdoors enthusiasts don't just see their hunting rifles as a tool for the hunt, but as collector's items that can be passed down to the next generation," said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer for Mossy Oak. "Bottomland offers both concealment and a unique design for these high-quality, long-lasting firearms like the X-Ring Takedown rifle from Tactical Solutions. This is a really special rifle featuring Mossy Oak's founding pattern, Bottomland, which gives it both function and future appeal."
The MSRP for this rifle is $1,205 and it is available at any Tactical Solutions dealer. For more information about this rifle and to learn more about Tactical Solutions, visit or call 866-333-9901.

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