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NSSF Comments on CitiGroup’s “Virtue Signaling”

The new policies announced by CitiGroup are an  example of virtue signaling.  These policies do nothing to add to public safety and, in fact, may put vulnerable Americans at greater risk to be victims of crime. 

All firearm sales conducted by federally licensed firearms dealers are completed in-person after an industry-supported background check, as required by law.  Layering on policies to restrict sales to adults between the ages of 18-20 denies them of their constitutionally-protected rights, and in fact, puts retailers at risk of running afoul of laws in several states that specifically prohibited age-based discrimination.

CitiGroup should also be aware that Centers for Disease Control and Urban Institute studied the ban on so-called high capacity magazines had no effect on reducing crime. 

The recent criminal attack on a student in Maryland demonstrate that even the strictest of laws won’t deter criminals intent on harming children.  Instead, armed and present intervention kept the criminal from harming further victims.

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