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NWTF Sanctioned Stll Target Shooting Events

NWTF Still Target Shooting Still Target Shooting World Championship Still Target Shoot

Rules for conducting an NWTF sanctioned still target shoot.

RULES: Distance to targets: 40 yards from the muzzle of the  shotgun

Shooting position: Sitting

Barrel length: Not to exceed 32” including choke tube


Ammunition: Factory loads-12 ga. 3” & 20 ga. 3”

Shot size #6


Classes: 12 gauge Open, 20 gauge Open, Ladies 20 gauge, JAKES 20 gauge, 12 gauge and 20 gauge Hunter

Optics: Scopes are allowed

Sights: All styles

No mechanical rests are allowed

Ammunition is furnished by organizer

Target Scoring: Most shot in  3” Red Circle on official target


Must be an NWTF member

Must display the sanctioned shoot banner in a prominent place in shooting area.

There must be a range captain who is in charge of safety.

Must use official NWTF targets.

All shooters must wear eye and ear protection.

Determining Winner and Runner Up: Once the Winner has been determined by the Finalists shooting until an individual has won two squads, the remaining individuals will shoot another round, with high score being the Runner up. This method ensures that Winner and Runner up are different individuals.


The World Championship Shoot will be held at the NWTF National Headquarters the first full weekend in October each year. Qualifying seats for Hunter divisions will only be issued during the qualifying rounds of the World Championship Shoot. Shooters in these divisions must provide the shotgun they intend to use to NWTF designated inspectors to ensure a non-manipulated factory barrel will be used.

(Hunter Divisions can be included in any state or regional sanctioned shoot, however, the only competition where qualifying seats for the 12 gauge and 20 gauge Hunter Divisions will be awarded is during qualifying rounds of the World Championship Competition held at the NWTF National Headquarters.)




Preliminary Rounds:


Squads of 5-10 shooters (this may be adjusted to suit attendance)

Winner of each squad qualifies for finals




Squads will be developed based on the number of qualifiers

Squads will be reduced to a final 4 and the winner will be the first participant to win two squads.




20 qualifying squads enter shoot

The twenty qualifiers would be squaded by random drawing in 4 squads of 5

The winner of each squad would advance to the final 4

The champion and the runner up for each class qualify for the World Wild Turkey Still-Target Championship



Shooters must fire from a sitting position


The World Championship event uses the Lo-Boy stool, however local events may substitute with some similar stool, or shooters may sit on the ground. It is important that the rules are the same for each shooter.




NWTF Chapter Cost $50



200 official targets

Rules information

Official “Sanctioned Wild Turkey Still-Target Shoot” banner

The champion and the runner up from each sanctioned contest qualifies to enter the World Wild Turkey Still-Target Championship

Event Insurance is included



Non-Chapter Cost $200


Same as above

Must provide proof of insurance



Fees are nonrefundable and are due before the shooting package will be mailed. Please contact the NWTF headquarters at least one month prior to your event to allow time for shipping.



Additional targets may be purchased from the NWTF.


$20 per 100 or $5.00 per pack of 25





1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10        Targets





____________________         Muzzle must not go beyond this line

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10




To learn more or schedule a sanctioned still target shoot in your area, please contact Chris Piltz at

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