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Barney Barnhart Book Book Review Lloyd Barnhart

"Lloyd Barnhart is the Grandpa we'd like to be or the Grandpa we wish we'd had. "Old Man...Young!" is a beautiful story told in the way we remember things, in bits and pieces of lives joined by love and by passing down knowledge and skills to a younger generation." Clark Bush

Here are a few words from Lloyd about "Old Man...Young!"

"I put this collection together while shuttered in my home, along with my wife as we attempted to protect ourselves and our family from the dreaded Chinese Virus. (Damn...I’m protecting my Grandson by separating myself from him. How weird is that?) I had been wanting to do this for quite awhile, so I suppose there is a silver lining in this house arrest...I finally got it done. 

Do not expect to find a central theme for the writings contained herein. There is none. This is simply a collection of stuff I want to preserve/protect...stuff I want to hang around after I am gone. A grasp at immortality??...Probably! 


I suggest you tackle the reading of this collection one piece at a time. That way, the lack of a progressive, central theme won’t bother you."

"As the words tumble from the pages there are times when I laugh out loud. there are other times when I  yearn to be young again and with my grandpa. The word pictures are so real I can see the streams and almost taste the ice cream that's so much a part of the adventures.

"Lucky is the boy who spends time with his Grandpa learning the old ways."

He Came Back

My Grandpa died way too early, his death dealt me a crushing blow.

He was the most influential male in my life, and suddenly he was gone!

I stumbled through the next several years without him, missing him.

Then one day I got stung by a mishandled stonecat while fishing for bass in our favorite stream.

As I nursed my injury...I heard him laugh...he had taught me better...

There are short poems like this excerpt and "observations" of how the relationship with a grandson that stretches over generations flourishes. Frankly, I never wanted the book to end.

Lloyd also provides tips on fishing, rabbit hunting and most importantly on how to be a good man. In this time when so many things seem to be subjective, Lloyd Barnhart puts forth some truths that have been tested over time and found to be rock solid.

If you are a grandpa, a grandson, a son, father or are related in any way to any of these folks, you'll love this book. I can think of nothing better than purchasing "Old Man...Young!" for yourself or someone special in your life.

I must also tell you how I "read" this latest book, the first time.

Whenever I receive a new book from Lloyd, Doris, my wife, can hardly wait for me to finish it, so she can read it. So, I came up with a way that we could enjoy this book together. For several days, after lunch we settled into our comfortable chairs and she read aloud several pieces each day.  I can not think of any better way to share the joy of "Old Man...Young!" with someone you love.

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