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Padded Cobra Rifle Sling from Versacarry Provides Comfort and Style


  Hunters carry their rifle a majority of the time when they are hunting. They need a sling that is both comfortable and functional. The Padded Cobra Rifle Sling from Versacarry provides both of these features with a handsome design.

The Padded Cobra Rifle Sling offers premium support and is made of double-ply water buffalo leather with a comfort padded backing. It gives the user excellent shoulder support and stays in place when walking and climbing. It comes with sling swivels installed and is ready to use right out of the package.

The sling comes with a rapid adjustable system that makes it quick and simple to adjust the sling for the shooter and shooting situation.

Available in two detailed design overlays, the sling is stylish and enhances the look of any rifle.

Padded Cobra Sling Features:

  • Excellent shoulder support
  • Double-ply water buffalo leather
  • Comfort padded backing
  • Sling swivels
  • Rapid adjustability
  • Detailed design overlays

Retail price of the Versacarry Padded Cobra Sling is $67.99.

Versacarry produces a wide variety of holsters and other shooting related products. For more information visit

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