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"Rambling Outdoors" by Lloyd Barnhart

Book Review

I just love this book! It brings back so many memories.

Lloyd "Barney" Barnhart and I grew up in different parts of the country but his stories could have taken place in Kentucky as easily as the Catskill Mountains of New York.

If the words, “My Grandfather’s House” causes something to stir within you and maybe jogs a memory or two, I know you’ll also love this book.

From “Story Time” in which he recounts the experience of Grandpa Barney telling a story to his grandson, to “One Last River to Run” in which he acknowledges his mortality, he tells stories so rich that you can feel yourself in them.

“I stop, close my eyes and sniff, ahh.. I get leaves...musty fallen leaves. Their scent enhanced by light rain. Visions follow of piles of raked leaves and I hear children laughing as they jump into the piles.
Apples…I get apples. Apples that have dropped and ooze their essence, I am reminded of cider!”

Many of Barney’s stories center around his love of the fishing streams of his youth and with the importance of family to his very existence. He tells of time spent fishing with his grandfather over a span of years and the life lessons learned.

“A long, hard winter kinda wears a man down; puts him in need of a tonic to perk up his body and nourish his soul. Best choice by far is a meal of of fried trout; brookies, fresh caught from a mountain stream.”

I found myself yearning for the opening day of deer season and the companionship of my brothers and friends. I could feel the excitement of climbing into a stand and waiting for light to break.

“Rise and shine boys”, he shooting time is just around the corner.” They stumble into the dark of night and pile into the Master’s truck. Then they head for the “View” where they will pursue the wile whitetail.”

Barney has little tolerance for modern hunting gadgets. You’ll see that in “The Mighty Hunter”. He is saddened by the changes made to some of his favorite streams over the years but the book is really the story of a man who loves the outdoors, his family and his friends. He understands the value in passing that love for the outdoors along as it was passed along to him.. “We are, because they were.”

I came to know Barney through the National Wild Turkey Federation Internet forum. That forum is long gone now but my memories of his recounting hunting and fishing adventures lingers. He also told of dinners with family and friends, of old whiskey and new grandchildren. Occasionally, he’d post a piece of his work and I always admired it.

The Barney that I got to know from that forum is the same man that tells stories that take you places you’ve never been and yet make you feel like you’ve been there all your life.

A Bit About the Author

Lloyd Barnhart was born and raised in the beautiful Beaverkill Valley in New York’s lower Catskill Mountains. It was there, under the influence of his mother and her father, his maternal grandfather, that he developed his appreciation for family and for the great outdoors. He learned to hunt, fish and explore the woods, fields and streams as young boy and has continued to do so ever since, often in the company of his brothers, his son and his grandchildern.

After retiring in 2000, from a career in education, he has spent his time as a hunter, fisherman and devoted family man, playing Grandpa, along with reading and writing. Prior to this collection ,his written work has been collected in “Tailings” and “Rambling On”. He lives in West Sand Lank, NY with his wife of nearly 50 years, Sandy.

I would encourage you to get a copy of this book, settle into an easy chair and be prepared for a time of good story telling .

“Rambling Outdoors” by Lloyd Barnhart is available at

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