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Revolutionary Shocker Series Gun Case Built for Turkey Hunting Success


Broomfield, CO.: Turkeys are ranked #2, behind whitetail deer, as the most popular type of animal hunted in the United States according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  In 2018, close to 2.7 million hunters have already, or will, head into the turkey woods in search of wary gobblers.  When all these hunters go afield, they will bring a myriad of specialty call formats, choke tubes and turkey hunting accessories that need to be stored somehow.    

Lucky for them-the Shocker Turkey Shotgun Case (by Allen Company) was built specifically to store their box calls, pot calls, strikers, diaphragm calls, choke tubes, lighting and extra hunting gear in specific places that can be reached quickly. 

The Shocker Turkey Shotgun Case will make you a better hunter with these features: 

·       Elastic ports anchored inside pocketing to hold various choke tube sizes

·       Stretch mesh pockets for holding a multitude of diaphragm calls

·       Three individual, sealed striker pockets

·       High-depth pocket for securing your favorite box call

·       Two zip-away, neoprene pockets for protecting and storing your pot calls

·       Removeable velcro measuring tape to record both spur and beard lengths while in the field  

·       Licensed Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage (Official Camo of the NWTF)


The Shocker Turkey Shotgun Case is a part of the popular Shocker Family of Turkey Hunting Products, which also includes a pair of turkey hunting gloves and shotgun sling.  Each one of the Shocker-series products were engineered specifically to the needs of the turkey hunter and will help you be a better hunter. 

You can see the Shocker Turkey Shotgun Case, and the rest of the Shocker Family of Turkey Hunting Products, in action by clicking on the link below:


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