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Seismic High Mass Ammunition Quakemaker


“Introducing the first in a line of unbelievably massive rounds, the Seismic Ammo Quakemaker in 9 mm. Weighing in at an incredible 185 grains, Quakemaker +M ammo gives your 9 mm pistol more momentum then ANY other 9 mm round in existence and it does so while staying subsonic (950 fps), so it's perfect for suppressed weapons.”

The QuakeMaker +M was born from a desire to make a more reliable subsonic round, that was guaranteed to stay subsonic. The direction that Seismic took, was an incredibly heavy-for-caliber round loaded into a novel, two-piece Shell Shock case. The Shell Shock case features a nickel alloy stainless steel “case” portion and a red anodized aluminum base.

The 185-grain 9 mm +M 
round is listed as having a muzzle velocity of 950 FPS out of a 4.5-inch Glock G17 Gen 3. Seismic currently has its ammo out for testing at an independent lab, but is confident that they are achieving this velocity while maintain a safe chamber pressure.

As far as the terminal effect on target goes, the only testing that is currently available is Seismic’s own in-house tests, which were conducted using Clear Ballistic Gel, shot bare with no test protocol. Expansion appears to be on par with other popular 9 mm rounds, and the Seismic Ammo team conveyed that they were seeing just a hair under 16 inches of penetration in their bare gel shoots.

It should be very interesting to see how this new 
ammo fares when it is able to be independently tested and run through either the FBI Heavy Clothing, or Four Layer Denim test protocols. For more information visit

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