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"Blending comfort and fluid access to your concealed weapon is a must for every prepared professional whether on or off duty. The 37.5 Speed Concealed Carry Shirt offers built-in features for a smoother sweep-to-weapon, while remaining covertly stealth in large or small crowds. For added comfort, 37.5 technology evaporate moisture helping you sweat less and stay dry under pressure."


1 | 37.5™ Active Particle Technology works to keep the body at its ideal microclimate and conserve energy
2 | 56% Modal Rayon/44% 37.5™ Polyester fabric composition
3 | Vented back yoke with mesh lining for increased air circulation
4 | Banded collar construction for professional appearance
5 | Front placket and hem of shirt features metal eyelets for insertion of reinforcement cord creating added rigidity and unobstructed access to weapon (cord not included)
6 | Functional button and buttonhole at neck
7 | Breakaway snap faux bottoms down front of placket for quick access to firearm
8 | Weight pockets on bottom placket on each side (for quarters, washers, etc.)
9 | Low profile horizontal zip pocket on right chest
10 | Side gusset for increased mobility
11 | Roll tab on long sleeve to keep sleeves in secured position when rolled up

FABRIC CONSTRUCTION: 56% Modal Rayon/44%  37.5™ Polyester

This is one great shirt! I just had to say that before I tell you more about it and how I came to that conclusion. I would normally go through the process that I use to evaluate an article of clothing but the more I started to do that, the more I realized that I just had to tell you how I really feel about the Speed Concealed Carry Shirt (SCCS) that I've been wearing for  a few weeks. Oh, it has been laundered after every wearing and it feels even better and drapes better now than when it first came out of the package.

The overall quality of the SCCS is excellent. It's well designed and it's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into it. When they say "...Blending comfort and fluid access to your concealed weapon..." it's not just a marketing statement, it's true.


It's also a shirt that anyone would appreciate, even if they never considered carrying concealed. There is nothing about it that says, "Look at me, I'm carrying a gun." Instead, it looks like a high quality shirt that anyone might wear. If however, you do carry a gun every day as I do, you'll really appreciate the way this shirt fits and the access it gives you to your firearm.


I gave a lot of thought to the various ways that I carry and the ways that others I know carry. We may carry inside or outside the waistband and anywhere from "1 O'Clock to 6 O'Clock" or even points in between. I tried a number of these positions while wearing the SCCS and found that I could easily access any of them. The shirt has enough length to easily cover a holstered gun but it can be swept away very quickly for a clean draw.


We have experienced a very warm fall in South Carolina and short sleeves are still very common even in November. I've felt very comfortable in the SCCS every time I've worn it. It is so good looking that I've not hesitated to wear it anywhere and on a couple of occasions, I've worn it from early morning until late in the evening. It has stood up very well and still looks fresh even after a long warm day.


I'd encourage you to take a few minutes to read all of the features of the SCCS, the designers would appreciate that and then ask yourself if you'd like a really high quality short sleeve shirt that also gives you great access to your concealed firearm. If the answer is yes, then I'd encourage you to visit take a look a the sizing chart and then put your order in for one. You won't be disappointed.


If you live in a cooler climate you may want to try the SCCS in the long sleeve version or you may just want one of each.


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