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Styrka 1.75-5x32 Plex Rifle Scope - S5 Series

Product Tests

"The Styrka 1.75-5x32 Plex Scope is built for the shooter that prefers a lower magnification and a light weight scope.

The Styrka S5 Rifle Scopes are designed with the hunter in mind, the Styrka Rifle Scopes offer extreme clarity and a high resolution image. Styrka coats all of their S5 Rifle Scopes with Styrka’s own SXL anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections and glare allowing the maximum amount of light to reach your eye offering the clearest picture possible.
The Styrka S5 Rifle Scopes are a one piece construction with a high grade aircraft aluminum tube that is strong, durable and light weight. The Styrka S5 Rifle Scopes are 100% waterproof ready to perform in all weather conditions. Also the Styrka S5 Rifle Scopes are purged air and filled with dry nitrogen gas preventing internal fogging issues. The S5 Rifle Scopes maintain critical accuracy and point of impact featuring precise elevation, windage adjustments along with a fast focus eyepiece.

"In the optics world, everyone provides a warranty. Many include the life of the optic, but softened with exclusions and restrictions. At STYRKA we offer more than a warranty; we make a commitment.

We call it STYRKA Pride. It’s the warranty to beat all warranties. It’s simple, direct and all about you, our customer. We want you to know, before you buy a STYRKA product, that we are committed to – and invested in – making sure you have a wonderful and world-class experience, forever.

It really is more than just a warranty. Not only will we take care of your STYRKA product if you ever have a problem, we’ll take care of it even if you don’t.

That’s right. Once a year, you can send us your STYRKA optic and we’ll clean it, tune it as needed and send it back to you virtually as good as new, on our dime. Forever. Yes, we're that serious."


You can't always judge a book by its cover, or maybe it should be said that the cover does not always indicate the quality of the book. I have learned over the years however that if the cover is poorly made it may indicate that there's very little pride in the quality of the book.

That Styrka takes a lot of pride in its products is very evident in their packaging. It is truly some of the finest that I have seen. From the moment you see the exterior of the box, you know it's something special. Everything about it is well thought-out. Phrases like, "It's more than a warranty, It's a commitment" and "It's all about the experience", are found frequently.

A warranty, instruction manual, a scope cover and a "Spudz" lens cleaner are all included in a box you'll want to keep. All are very well done.

Prior to installation, I examined the exterior and the interior of the S5 scope very thoroughly. It has very clean lines on the exterior and the elevation and windage knobs were both set at  mechanical zero. I also peered into the objective lens, looking back toward the optical lens and everything was clean inside. (If you've never done this with a scope, it might surprise you what you can see at times.)

The quality that was indicated earlier was truly there. It's a great looking scope and one you'll be proud to have on your rifle or shotgun.

I decided to mount this rifle scope on a 12 gauge Browning BPS shotgun which I use for choke evaluations and also in still target shooting. I knew that the recoil of that shotgun would give the S5 a real test.

Most rifle scopes, including this one, are set to be parallax free at 100 yards. I normally shoot this shotgun for testing and in competition at 40 yards, so that will need to be taken into account. Styrka also has a shotgun scope in the S3 line and it is parallax free at 75 yards.

I used some Weaver Steel Windage Adjustable rings with a laser bore sighter and only had to make a minor adjustment in elevation to have it bore sighted. The next step was to take the S5 mounted on the BPS to the range for some shooting with 12 gauge 3" turkey loads.

After firing 2 rounds, I needed to make slight adjustment at the range to the elevation but otherwise my scope was on target. That's not always the case with a bore sighter but it was this time.

For those of you who shoot full power 3" turkey loads, you know how much recoil they generate. The BPS is in no way a soft-shooting shotgun but it does throw some excellent patterns. It's a gun that I use a lot and I wanted to give the S5 a workout to make sure it could hold up under real world stress.

I shot 30 shells at that session. (That's more than many turkey hunters will shoot in several seasons.) We shoot a lot of the 3" Winchester Long Beard shells in competition, so I shot 20 of those and then 5 Hevi-13 standard loads and 5 Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend shells. All of those shells will let you know it when you touch them off. I  used this time to evaluate a couple new turkey chokes as well.

The Styrka S5 Series Choke held its zero throughout the evaluation. It was sharp and clear and as stated earlier, needed very little adjustment to the elevation and windage to be on target.

It's really all about confidence when you're shooting, whether it's hunting game or in competition. After putting 30 hard kicking rounds through the BPS and checking the S5 to make sure it held-up, I am very confident that it will do the job, no matter what that job happens to be.

I plan to leave the S5 on that BPS and see how it does throughout the still target shooting season next year. I'll also use it for the spring turkey hunting season, in fields and woods and I'll publish another "Product Test" article about those findings.

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