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Swarm Turkey Chokes

20 Gauge Swarm Turkey Chokes 20 Gauge Turkey Chokes Swarm Tukey Chokes

I was recently able to find a small "stash" of 20 gauge Swarm Turkey Chokes in Rem-Choke, Win-Choke, Invector and Invector Plus. These chokes have been very hard to find for several years and I've received many inquires about them over that time. I knew that hunters were looking for them on recommendations of their friends.

Since my supply was small, I did not want to over advertise them but I did want to let folks know that I had a few. It also appears that when this supply is gone, there will be no more for quite some time, if ever.

To say that sales have brisk would be quite an understatement and now I find myself with just a few of the Rem-Chokes, a few more of the Win-Chokes and a few of the Invector Plus models.

If you are one of those 20 gauge shooters who want the best for your shotgun, I'd encourage you to try one of these before they are gone. I know what it's like to just miss on something you really want. The supply is now very limited, so it would be a great time to get one for the 2017 season.

Swatting a Hornet's Nest

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