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Swatting a Hornet's Nest

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If you've ever been stung by a hornet, you likely don't want to have that experience again. The real problem is of course that normally they don't come at you singly but they come at you in a swarm.

That swarm is also what we look for in a turkey choke. We want a swarm of pellets to hit the target, the turkey, and put it down for the count. That's really what it's all about in turkey hunting.

Many designers work to create what they believe to be the best "internal geometry" in their chokes to allow them to throw those bee swarm dense patterns. Most of the hunters who contact me are looking to find the proper choke for their gun that will give them that kind of pattern.

Fortunately, just a few weeks ago I discovered a small stash of 20 Gauge Swarm turkey chokes. These award winning chokes have been very hard to find. I was able to get Rem-Choke, Win-Choke (Invector & Accu-Choke) and just a few Invector Plus models.

You can read about them and have an opportunity to purchase them by going to this link

The supply of these chokes is quite limited and many folks who've been looking for one have already placed their orders.

If you are looking for a "bee swarm"  dense pattern for your 20 gauge shotgun that uses either Rem-Choke, Win-Choke or Invector Plus chokes, I'd recommend the Swarm Turkey Choke.

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