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Blog — .45 Colt Marlin Lever Action

Marlin 1894C Lever Action Now Available

.45 Colt Marlin Lever Action Classic Marllin Lever Action Marlin 1894C

Marlin 1894C Lever Action Now Available

  Huntsville, AL – The Marlin 1894C, a classic American favorite chambered in 357Mag/38SPL is now available at retail. Each 1894C is made from premium grade steel to create the strongest lever-gun receiver ever built.  The Model 1894C has an ultra-smooth action for rapid follow-up shots.  For rock-solid reliability, heat-treated solid-steel forgings are used for the receiver and trigger guard.  Walnut furniture, deeply blued metal, 10-shot tubular magazine and Semi-buckhorn folding (SBF) ramp with hooded front sight complete its traditional lever gun profile. It’s light, compact, lighting fast and built to shoot as good as it looks.   The 1894C is offered at a...

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