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Brownells Springs Chicago Typewriter Exclusive

Auto Ordinance Brownells Chicago Typewriter New & Unique Products

Brownells Springs Chicago Typewriter Exclusive

GRINNELL, Iowa – Brownells now offers the chance to own a customized version of the iconic 1930s Chicago Typewriter® with its exclusive Silencerco Summit Tommy Gun package. The unique Brownells-exclusive package combines a .45 ACP Auto Ordnance Thompson SBR threaded to accept the included Silencerco Omega 45K suppressor. The package also comes with both a 50-round drum mag and a 20-round stick mag, two different foregrips, and a violin case for stylish discrete carry. Silencerco partnered with Auto-Ordnance to develop this newest addition to its Summit line of semi-custom gun-and-suppressor packages, pairing a popular firearm with the best Silencerco suppressor...

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