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Blog — Coyote Attack

Hiker Attacked By Coyote In Middle Georgia

Be prepared in the woods Coyote Attack Rabid coyote attacks hiker

Hiker Attacked By Coyote In Middle Georgia

  Nate Edmonds used a knife to kill a coyote that attacked him at the Hitchiti Experimental Forest.   Nate Edmonds’ first up-close-and-personal encounter with a coyote proved to be much more exciting than he may have wanted it to be. On Saturday, May 26, 2018, Nate drove out to the Hitchiti Experimental Forest, also known as the Brender-Hitchiti Demonstration Forest. The area is about 5,000 acres of federal land adjacent to Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge in Jones County. Hunting on the area is managed as part of Piedmont NWR. Nate’s plan was to hike for a while with a...

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