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CrossBreed MaxSlide Holsters

CrossBreed MaxSlide Holsters CrossBreed & Taurus Product Test Taurus Public Defender Holster

CrossBreed  MaxSlide Holsters

“CrossBreed Holsters new MaxSlide holster will allow you to carry your Taurus Judge (5 shot with 2.5″ chamber) or S&W Governor in comfort and style. Staying in tradition with their handcrafting process, the OWB MaxSlide has all the clean, comfortable, and professional appearance as the SuperSlide. Its heavy construction and craftsmanship provides excellent weight distribution, ensuring stability and comfort while carrying." I really love my Taurus Public Defender Ultra-Lite. If you're not familiar with that particular model, here's what Taurus has to say about it: "We took the lightest version of the Public Defender and made it even lighter with...

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