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Galco's Exotic Concealable Holsters!

Exotic Concealable Holsters! Galco's Exotic Galco's Exotic Holsters!

Galco's Exotic Concealable Holsters!

  Galco has a long history of making custom holsters that are pieces of functional art. From the very founding of Galco – as the Famous Jackass Leather Company – we’ve always offered custom services. A big emphasis in Galco’s present-day custom shop is the Exotic Concealable™, crafted from the finest exotic skins like alligator, horsehide, ostrich, stingray and shark.   Offering a unique and exquisite combination of form and function, the Exotic Concealable features optimum design and finest-quality construction, with smooth, premium horsehide lining and an edge finished like glass.   One of Galco’s most recognizable and innovative belt...

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