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Blog — Pistol Dovetail Optic Mount

TRUGLO®, Inc. Offers Pistol Dovetail Optic Mount

NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2019 Pistol Dovetail Optic Mount TRUGLO

TRUGLO®, Inc. Offers Pistol Dovetail Optic Mount

Installing an optic on a semi-auto handgun used to require sending the slide out to be machined to accept the optic—a costly operation that permanently altered the handgun slide. Now there is a better way, thanks to the new Pistol Red•Dot Sight Mount from TRUGLO®, Inc. The Pistol Red•Dot Sight Mount takes advantage of the dovetail slot to add an optic mounting base. The mount is made from CNC-machined billet steel, with lightening cuts to reduce weight. “Using billet steel allows the mounting plate to be thinner and lower than other aluminum designs, while maintaining or exceeding the same strength”...

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