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Savage Arms RENEGAUGE Turkey

RENEGAUGE Turkey Savage Arms

Savage Arms RENEGAUGE Turkey

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts –– The new Savage Arms Renegauge Turkey is the ideal shotgun for longbeard callers. With its 24” barrel and Mossy Oak camouflage patterns, Renegauge Turkey is easy to maneuver in dense brush and even easier to conceal from anxious jakes. “Renegauge Turkey is not just another shotgun,” Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms said. “It’s a Savage. We’re all hunters, and we know what we wanted. Renegauge is an off-the-shelf 12 gauge that can be tailored to fit like a custom gun, and it will reliably cycle anything you feed it—no questions asked.” Mossy Oak Bottomland...

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