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Take The Cleaning Power Of Gun Scrubber Along With Handy New Wipes From Birchwood Casey

Gun Scrubber Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaning Wipes


Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber™ has been a go-to cleaning product used by shooters and hunters for years. Now the cleaning power of Gun Scrubber is more portable than ever with Birchwood Casey® Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaning Wipes.

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaning Wipes easily dissolves greases, oils and carbon fouling in firearms. The 4” x 5” size wipes work perfectly for precise, mess-free cleanup. They can be easily taken along in a bag, gun case, vest or pocket to provide cleaning power while in the field.

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaning Wipes come in packs of 12 and sell for $12.70.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7887 Fuller Road, Ste. 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or call 800-746-6862 for more information.

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