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The Degreezer from Hyskore

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There are times when a new product comes along that you really didn't know you needed, until you tried it. That is certainly the case with the Degreezer from Hyskore. For the past few weeks I've been using a preproduction sample of this handy little parts cleaner and now I'm wondering how I managed so long without one.

Guns and gun parts get dirty when you shoot a lot like I do, pretty much all year. My bench has a collection of items that I use frequently, including several cans that I can fill with cleaning solvents. I've never liked that arrangement but had not put a lot of thought into something to replace them. Then along comes the Degreezer.

The Degreezer from Hyskore

It has a well on one end with a dip-tray that fits into it and is gently sloped on the other end. It also includes a brush with 2 sets of different sized bristles and of course it has a top. The dip tray is wide enough for the longest choke tubes that I have and I can put 4 at a time inside it to soak.

I've also used it for a variety of small parts, barrels, etc. on a number of pistols. It's really handy to allow parts to soak, brush them and then allow them to drain before a final dry and oil procedure.

I've used a variety of solvents and none so far have seemed to have any effect on the polypropylene material of the Degreezer. I use a lot of PrOlix and when I'm through, I pour off the clean solvent to be used again and wipe the residue from the tray and bottom of the recessed area, so clean-up is quite easy.

I'm not sure when the Degreezer will be introduced but I'd recommend that you keep an eye out for it, and take a look at the other nifty products from  Hyskore by visiting

Now, what else do I have that needs cleaning?

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