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The Harvest Film: A Message That Resonates With Hunters

Message That Resonates With Hunters The Harvest Film

Denver, CO – Harvest Home Films LLC recently conducted a survey to better understand how outdoorsmen and women resonate with key goals and messages of The Harvest. The information from over 12,000 respondents illustrated a strong support for the production of the film.

An overwhelming 86% of hunters associate their faith with their outdoor lifestyle, while 97% believe it is important for the future of hunting to be protected. When hunters were asked “Why do you hunt?” the top responses have all been closely represented in the film. 82% said that they enjoyed the camaraderie with friends and family that comes along with the lifestyle. Most importantly, hunters want to see this film find its way onto the screen. 63% said they would definitely want to watch this film, while an additional 18% stated they would probably want to watch it. This adds up to over 10 million viewers.

Other key findings from the survey include:*

  • 59% of respondents believe this film needs to be made now more than ever.
  • 58% would like to see a film that stands up for family values brought together by hunting.
  • 67% would have a more favorable view of their favorite hunting brand if it were involved in the film
  • 30% of hunters would remember brands involved in the film when making their next purchase.
  • 76% want the hunting lifestyle to be the “hero” of the film.

Ultimately these statistics reaffirm what The Harvest team had hoped to build the project around:

  1. A film that celebrates the connection between one’s faith and hunting lifestyle
  2. A lifestyle that is passionate about passing on the beauty of the hunting lifestyle to future generations
  3. A film that shares a pro-hunting message on a large national scale
  4. A film that touches the “hearts” of current and future hunters – needed to activate recruitment and retention.
  5. A film that can reach and introduce millions of people to the outdoor lifestyle.

"Centered on a pro-hunting family facing trouble in New York, "The Harvest" is a thought provoking piece that discusses the positives of hunting, while also providing welcome commentary on outrage culture." Dove Review 2019

If you are interested in learning more about the project and how you can donate and help turn this vision into a reality, visit or contact us at The project seeks to unite our industry and illustrate the power of the outdoors when united, to advance this project and any other pro-industry initiative’s that will arise in the future.

About The Harvest Movie:

The Harvest is a film with contemporary characters addressing relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle. Join us as we strive to be stewards of the land and water and respect our resources while enriching lives through our faith. Learn more about The Harvest at

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