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The Last of the 20 Gauge Swarm Turkey Chokes

20 Gauge Turkey Chokes Swarm Turkey Chokes THE LAST SWARM CHOKES

Just about a year ago I was able to track down what has proven to be the last remaining 20 gauge Swarm Turkey Chokes. They were found on a back shelf that had not seen the light of day in a while, as folks were cleaning out a gun shop. I had been searching for months trying to find some and had let everyone know that I wanted any that were available.

The "birth" of the Swarm choke was inspired by the total lack of a high-performance 20 gauge turkey choke at the time. Several years were spent on development and testing with the culmination of that work resulting in a new World Record set at the World Still Target Championship in 2005, the first time it was shot in competition. Another World Record was set in 2006 and that record still stands, the longest standing record in the history of the sport.

More important than those World Records however are the hunters all over the U.S. who have used Swarm chokes each Spring and Fall to help bring home a big gobbler. For over 13 years, with many different types of shotshells and shot, Swarm chokes have performed.

I am now looking at the last few Win-Choke, Invector and Invector Plus Swarm chokes remaining. That design set the stage for the others that  came after it over the years. They are indeed a part of the history of  the evolution of design of modern-day turkey chokes.




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