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The Mirage™ 16 has the most advanced trail camera technology without breaking the bank

MIRAGE™ 16 MIRAGE™ 16 LIGHTSOUT™ Wildgame Innovations

Grand Prairie, TX - Trail cameras have become the norm in the hunting industry. Whitetail hunters, specifically, have begun to rely on the information these cameras provide to assist them with knowing when and where to hunt the buck of their dreams. Cameras with clear pictures, ease of operation and extended night range are all important when deciding on a camera.
For decades now, Wildgame Innovations, the company that has led the way in affordable trail cameras, has once again raised the bar with a professional photography quality, ease of operation and fast trigger speed trail camera. No more missing the game or not knowing what the game is because of blurred pictures. The Mirage™ 16 and the Mirage™ 16 Lightsout™ have everything you are looking for at affordable prices. Both offer 16-megapixel pictures paired with superior nighttime image capabilities and Silent Shield technology that make them invisible to both eyes and ears. adjustable Exposure Control enables the camera to find the right combination of clarity and distance for your cameras location. Whether you are shooting 16-Megapixel still pictures or high resolution 720 HD videos, the Exposure Control and Silent Shield technology will capture the moment you have been waiting for.

Scouting and patterning that buck have never been easier. The Mirage™ 16 and the Mirage™ 16 Lightsout™ both have trigger speeds of ½ second that enables the camera to capture that buck walking past the camera. The Mirage™ 16 comes with a nighttime capture distance of 80 feet while the Mirage™ 16 Lightsout™ has a nighttime capture distance of 75 feet.  The Mirage™ 16 camera family will not miss any action. The Mirage™ 16 Lightsout™ uses a blackened 42-piece invisible infrared flash, making the camera invisible at all times of day. Couple this with the Silent Shield technology, Exposure Control and trigger speeds at ½ a second, and you have the best trail camera in any price range.
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