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The New 14” Mossberg Shockwave - A Non-NFA Short-Barreled Shotgun


The new 590 Shockwave from Mossberg is a 14-inch barreled shotgun that is classified and fully compliant by the BATFE, and does not require a tax stamp for transfers. The Shockwave can hold five standard shells in the tubular magazine.


Chambering: 12 ga.

Barrel: 14 inches

OA Length: 26.37 inches

Weight: 5.25 pounds

Grip: Raptor

Sights: Bead front

Action: Pump

Finish: Matte blued

Capacity: 5+1

MSRP: $455

The key to the design is the overall length of more than 26 inches, that (despite the 14-inch barrel) makes it a regular firearm not requiring a tax stamp. The curved “Raptor” pistol grip and the hand-strap forend make for a good-feeling gun. I found out that while the standard shell capacity is 5+1, the Shockwave is adapted to also fire the Aguila Minishells for increased capacity and lower recoil.

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