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The S333 Volleyfire Thunderstruck


Standard Manufacturing’s latest marvel is finally available for purchase, starting July 11, 2019. It’s the S333 Volleyfire Thunderstruck double-barrel revolver and it’s intended for personal defense.

Standard Mfg. basis the design of this gun on the “Rule of Three.” When you’re confronted with a situation when you need to use a handgun for defense you’re most likely to be using it within 3 yards and you’ll have 3 seconds or less to shoot a maximum of three times. The S333 lets you fire eight rounds of .22 WIN MAG in less than 3 seconds.

Each pull of the two-finger trigger fires two rounds simultaneously from the 1.5″ barrels. It weighs just 18oz and they claim it’s an intuitive and safe gun.

The grip and trigger designs require two fingers on the trigger. It’s got a trigger safety and a transfer bar to keep it from firing unintentionally. It’s double-action-only.

Also, there’s a firing pin for each barrel which should decrease the likelihood of the gun failing.

The revolver’s frame is machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum with a high-strength steel cylinder and barrel. The hammerless design and the long trigger guard keep it from snagging and help you grip it high. The 7075-aluminum frame keeps the weight down.

Its unconventional double-barrels are an intriguing solution. A .22 bullet is regarded by some as a suitable defense round while others think the only thing it will stop is a tin can. .22 WIN MAG is markedly more powerful, but still very light. Launching two .22 WIN MAGs at once is an improved approach that keeps the recoil manageable for most shooters.The trigger and grip design require two fingers on the trigger, which makes the pull feel lighter.

At just $369 MSRP, it’s certainly a manageable price for most shooters. Throw in the relatively inexpensive ammo, and it’s not a bad overall concealed carry package.

Standard likes to suggest the idea that you can put birdshot in one barrel and a hollow point slug in the other to increase the likelihood of hitting the target. A representative for the company told me it’s like a cloud of projectiles heading toward the threat making a “curtain of protection” for the victim.


  • Caliber: .22 WIN MAG
  • Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Barrel material: Steel
  • Cylinder material: High-strength steel
  • Frame material: 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Sights: Fixed front blade, rear leaf
  • System: Double-barrel, double-action revolver
  • Barrel length: 1.5″
  • Weight: 18 oz
  • MSRP: $369

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