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There’s a big election coming that will determine the future of our nation like no other before. We all know the stakes. Or, do we? It’s a little disappointing when talking with gun owners about the election. “Well,” they say, “I know the democrats are anti-gun.” Yet, when I ask them about details, what “anti-gun” means, not many have the answers. The solution is as simple as checking Joe Biden’s website.

At the very top of the list, their “plan to end our gun violence epidemic,” is getting rid of the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.” According to Biden’s website this is a “priority.” The 2005 “Protection” act prevents firearms producers from being sued when someone misuses their product while committing a crime. It’s the same protection applied to every other industry. If Mr. Z drives truck X into a crowd of people, killing many, you can’t sue company X for making a perfectly good, safe working truck.

There will be a ban on the manufacturing of “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. (At least they learned they’re not “clips.”). According to the website you only need three rounds when hunting ducks so why do you need more? We all know duck huntin’ is a completely different application compared to defending against an active threat. And, again from Biden’s website, they’ve learned from the 1994 ban; there will be no “circumventing” the law by redesigning the weapon. Executive action will be used to ban the import of these weapons too.

All existing “assault weapons” will have to be registered, like true Type III full auto assault rifles, suppressors and such. Or, you can sell your weapons and hi cap mags “to the government” through a mandatory buyback program.

You’ll only be able to buy one of the remaining approved firearms a month; they want to prevent “stockpiling.” But before you can buy, you’ll have to have a license, approving you to purchase firearms. (Not sure if this is for every purchase, or covers all of your one-a-month guns.).

They’re going to close all the “loopholes.” All firearms sales will require background checks – except for “gifts between close family members.” On-line sales of firearms, ammo, kits and gun parts will be banned. There will be avid prosecution of all straw purchases. -- I wonder if this applies to Operation Fast and Furious? -- No more “ghost guns” or 80% receivers. Looking towards the future – 100% of all guns sold will have to be “smart guns.”

And of course, there will be community programs with “evidence-based intervention” and centers for “trauma informed” therapy. They also plan to stop paying any money to arm and train teachers, who are the last line of defense for school killings.

Recognizing and knowing your threat – in this case a direct attack on our God-given Second Amendment rights – is easy. Just look at their website. Defeating this attack is more difficult. But there is no other alternative. After all, the 2nd Amendment is the one that ultimately protects all our other rights

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