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"Barney" Barnhart Lloyd Barnhart Thinking of Thanksgivings Past

 This is another piece from Lloyd Barnhart, one of my favorite writers. He paints pictures with words that bring back simpler times when family was central to our being.

I hope you'll enjoy this word picture painted by Lloyd as much as I have.


There were times when both
The mashed potatoes and gravy
Were lumpy.
The carving of the turkey
Was often less than artful...
Raggedy, actually.
Sometimes, the pie crusts
Were a little overdone and too browned
Even after Grandma trimmed them.
Sometimes, the men....
After a morning of deer hunting
Were tired and sleepy.
The youngsters most always
Complained about being seated
At the "kid's table"
Nevertheless, this annual family gathering
Always turned out well;
It was a special gathering, to be sure.
Nothing can compare with a Thanksgiving dinner
With family...immediate and extended
Joined together to give Thanks!
Grandma & Grandpa,
Aunts, uncles and cousins
All together for this special occasion...
As always, at this time of year
I close my eyes and enjoy once again
An old time family Thanksgiving dinner !!

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