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I shoot pretty much year round here in South Carolina. I'm fortunate to have access to a private range just minutes from my home. I can load up the Jeep with whatever guns I want to shoot, along with plenty of ammo and targets and be there in 30 minutes or less. I always include some of the Tru-See targets from Truglo.

I like to shoot at "big paper" first just to make sure my gun is pretty well sighted in and then, I will use the Tru-See targets to see what kind of groups or patterns I'm getting. I'm able to see exactly where I hit without having to walk all the way down to the backstop after each shot. That really saves a lot of walking back and forth. When I do visit the target to take a closer look, I use some of the little black dot patches included, to cover the hits and start the process all over again.

These targets are also great when dealing with new shooters because there's an instant gratification of seeing where you're hitting. It just makes shooting that much more fun.

I would recommend that you pick up a package or two of the Tru-See targets before your next trip to the range. I know you'll enjoy them.

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