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The Wright Leather Works "Maverick Shoulder Holster” is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. My pistol is secure but easily drawn and I have 2 spare magazines readily available.

The quality is excellent in every respect. The leather is beautifully formed and finished. My Browning 1911-380 fits perfectly, cocked and locked with a thumb break between the hammer and firing pin.

I was injured in a freakish accident several months ago and those injuries required surgery to my right hand, wrist, forearm and to my lower back.  After the surgery and physical therapy, I knew I would need to change my EDC gun to reduce the felt recoil on my right hand.

A steady diet of heavy loads in a small pistol wouldn't work and a large pistol, besides being harder to conceal, would put too much stress on my hand. I also know that shooting skills are perishable and practice with the gun I carry is necessary.

After trying several revolvers and pistols,  I chose a Browning 1911-380 with a 4.25" barrel. It fit me well, I could shoot it with either hand and recoil was very manageable. Modern .380 defensive loads also make that caliber very effective.

I tried several excellent belt holsters and each felt fine for a while but became very uncomfortable for all day carry.

A few years ago I had a series of conversations with Brandon Wright at Wright Leather Works (WLW). He was most helpful in my selection of a holster, a Predator OWB Holster for a Kahr CW9 pistol. I've used that holster for years and it's as good today was was when I first holstered the CW9 in it.  I decided to look at the Wright site again to see what was offered. That’s when I saw the Maverick Shoulder Holster Rig.

I sent Brandon an email, described my situation and told him that the Browning was now my EDC gun. I told him I liked the looks and description of the Maverick Shoulder Holster. My past experience created a very high level of trust with him. Working with an owner of the company who knows both his product and listens to the needs of the customer, is very reassuring.

WLW products are not "off the rack". Each is custom made to order but the wait is worth it. When the Maverick arrived I took time to look it over very thoroughly. The leather was beautiful, smelled great and the fit and finish were excellent.

I started wearing the Maverick around the house as I went about my daily business, just to get used to it and make sure it was adjusted properly to fit me. When I was sure of that, I used the supplied thread locker to secure all the screws.

Now I wear it anyplace where I can legally carry. After a very short time I literally forget that I have it on. In all situations, standing, sitting at my desk and in my car, my Browning is easily accessible. I can’t say that with any other holster that I own.

I suspect that there are many others who struggle with holsters for one reason or another. I know that as we age it can become more difficult to find that perfect fit and if like me, you have an injury, it can be even more difficult.

If you have never tried a shoulder holster, I'd certainly recommend that you do, with one caveat, try a very good one. It takes knowledge, skill and top-notch materials to make a high quality shoulder holster rig. The Maverick by Wright Leather Works is an investment that will truly pay dividends for many years. I recommend it with no reservations whatsoever.

Brandon or Scott Wright can be reached at 419.307.6191 or

To see the Maverick Shoulder Holster and other WLW products, please visit


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